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The Monte do Ferrenho offers you pedestrian strolls to discover the natural and cultural environment of the region, to do physical exercise and become free of daily stress, fulling the eyes of unforgettable landscapes.

The forests of cork oak, agriculture, the points of agua, barrages, the traditional architecture and the relief map. To know ruins forgotten in the time, a mountain range for few known, to cover ways and tracks with a surprising tranquillity!

It will be able to observe a great diversity of aspects, involved in a characteristic fauna and flora of the zone.

Monchique - Fóia      

This pedestrian circuit take in to the discovery of the mountain. Leaving Monchique among the white village, castanheiros and sobreiros, take in the mountain range above in search of the highest point, the Fóia, foot-path of some difficulty . It is approximately 7 km of claiming in a nice walk.

Porto das Lages      

The pedestrian circuit of Porto das Lages is a stroll with the duration of about four hours. It is initiated in a small habitacional installation, where still today is possible to see a fireplace in one of the divisions. All the track tips the river Mira in a peacefull passage. We will still visit the town of Fernão Vaz, Cortadouro, Fernão Vaz (necropolis), Vaga da Cascalheira, Nora Velha, Nora Velha 2 e Castro da Cola, where our stroll will finish.

Barragem Santa Clara-Foz Referta      

This track of 16 kms is composed by two parts. The first one starts int he barrage of Santa Clara, crossing the mountain and tipping the canal, in a passage of low level difficulty, with a mountain landscape where is possible to admire the beauty of the region. In this pleasant stroll, you will be able to find much of the fauna of the region (partridge, rabbit, etc.) and the predominant flora (cork oak, holm oak, arbutus tree, cistus, etc.).

Foz Referta-Ferrenho      

The second part of our stroll begin close to the Foz da Referta, brook place where the altitude does not exceed the 70m. From this place situated in the Ribeira de Telhares, tributary of the River Mira, this passage follows the railway to its extension, showing to the visitor some zones of culture, place still today inhabited and the result of the proximity of the canal, fixing the populations and allowing the use of the water. Track also with fauna and flora, showing some places of irrigated land. Finishing later in the pleasant rest of the Monte do Ferrenho.

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