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Barrage of Sta Clara      

The barrage of Santa Clara, situated in the River Mira, is one of the greaters lakes in Europe. Integrated in a landscape of mountain range, encircled for eucaliptos and pines, it provides an ideal place for practises of nautic sports.

Bridge of Dona Maria      

The bridge of Dona Maria on the river Mira, places in the locality of Santa Clara. Is an old and a ruined bridge. It conserve two arcs in return perfect, of archivolts in would sing. Them pillars and the cut-seas present an extreme geometric regularity, contrasting with the remaining device in masonry. Curious it is the covering in brick of the cut-seas, aspect more decorative than functional.

Ermida Santa Ana      

Is risen in the ridge of mountains, in an mount, at 5 Km of distance of São Bartolomeu de Messines. Constructed at unknown time, the Ermida of Santa Ana already existed in 1758, integrated in a farm with the same name. Close to this Ermida take place the combat of Santa Ana in 24 of April of 1834, at time of civil war between liberal and miguelistas wherethefamous " Remexido ", name that was known José Joaquim Sousa Reis, serving D.Miguel defeated in set with general Tomás Cabreira, the also famous Sá da Bandeira.

Povoado Castro Cola      

It is a set of 15 built archaeological small places at different times. Come in and goes to the discovery of old village and funerary monuments. Make an archaeological circuit and i travel in few hours since the neolithic period to the Average Age passing for the age of bronze, Tapirs, necropolises of the town age of the iron or villages of the same period.

Festas da Freguesia      

The village has as padroeira 'Nossa Senhora das Graças', which dedicates the annual party, realized in the second Sunday of July. Another party of the village happens in the third Saturday of August. The annual Fair of the locality realized in 1 of August and the monthly Market in 1ª thursday of the month.

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